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Beach Weddings

Why You’ll Love A Hawaii Destination Wedding

When it comes to your wedding, you want nothing but the very best. And for countless people each year, the very best is one of the islands of Hawaii. Hawaii is an extremely popular and beloved wedding destination, best known for its beautiful scenery, gorgeous weather, and unforgettable beaches that make for a ceremony that…

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Hawaii Beach Weddings are Romantic & Memorable

Hawaii beach weddings are a very ROMANTIC and MEMORABLE way to get married. Your wedding will remain forever etched in your heart and you want it to express you and your true love’s unique individuality.  The best plus with a beach wedding in Hawaii is there is not the usual stress that comes with being inside a man made chapel or church.  YOU ARE ON…

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Wedding in Oahu? Fashion Tips for Outdoor/Beach Wedding

wedding in oahu

When you plan to get married on the beach in Oahu or on any of Hawaii’s beautiful islands, you may not consider the sun, sand, and surf when it comes to looking your best. Most brides want to look their most beautiful on this special day, but it can be tough unless you’re prepared! If…

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Hawaii Beach Wedding Packages Make It Affordable

Whether you live in Texas, California, Minnesota, New York, or even Canada, you may have dreamed of a Hawaii wedding since you were old enough to realize what getting married was all about. Those who have never visited our beautiful islands cannot even begin to imagine the exquisite landscapes, pristine beaches, and tropical surroundings that…

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Envisioning an Oahu Beach Wedding? Make it Happen!

oahu beach wedding

As trusted wedding planners in Oahu for more than 90 years, you can trust Sweet Hawaii Wedding to help you create the wedding of your dreams. We know that Hawaii is a top wedding destination for couples from all around the world, for good reason. Our amazing white sand beaches, tropical landscapes, mountains, and breathtaking…

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Hawaii Wedding – is an Oahu Beach Wedding Your Dream?

At Sweet Hawaii Wedding, we know that for many brides (and grooms), an Oahu beach wedding sounds like a dream. It’s no wonder so many couple choose to wed in the 50th state of the union, given Hawaii’s world class beaches, beautiful weather year-round, and gorgeous, dramatic sunsets. While there are countless breath-taking spots on…

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