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Hawaii Beach Wedding

secluded hawaii beach wedding

There are no words to express how Sweet Hawaii Wedding is great. It’s much more than an excellent service; it is everything made with love. They really love what they do and want you to be happy. I will never forget all of the beautiful and sweet words during my Hawaii beach ceremony, all the…

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30 year vow renewal Oahu Hawaii

vow renewal oahu

Sweet Hawaii Weddings was a perfect choice for my parent’s 30 year Wedding Anniversary vow renewal in Oahu, Hawaii.  Coco, Jacqueline and photographer Dustin were all extremely welcoming and friendly, providing a beautiful setting on Waikiki beach for the special occasion.  From the decorations, flowers, cake and music, we could not have been happier.  The…

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Christopher and Misty’s Hawaii wedding

lava flow wedding

I looked at hundreds of websites before I found Sweet Hawaii Wedding.  I was impressed by their photography and when I saw all the extras I got with their Sweet Heart Hawaii Wedding package I was impressed.  This package far exceeded any of the packages I had seen in my research. What sold me though was the kindness…

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Fantastic Hawaii Wedding

Sunset Hawaiian Wedding

Thank you for our awesome wedding in Hawaii. My dream since a child has been to get married in Hawaii and you surpassed my dreams and I am not a small dreamer. Everything was absolutely more than perfect for our special day!  The flower, music, butterflies and the gorgeous secluded Waimanalo beach were all out of a…

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Jim and Louise’s Hawaiian Wedding

Hawaiian Wedding

Where do we start to express our gratitude for our Hawaii beach wedding!  You folks are amazing with all you provide in service and style and EXPERTISE!  You put so much care into creating Jim’s and my special day.  I was amazed at all of the energy that was put into even small touches that made our wedding full…

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Aussie Hawaii Wedding

Hawaiian Wedding

We are so happy to write a testimonial for Sweet Hawaii Wedding.  We came all the way from Australia because our friends had gotten married in Hawaii with this wonderful company. When we saw the outstanding professional photography of our friends wedding we knew we wanted to celebrate our love with this company. I was a bit nervous because I…

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Unbelievable Waimanalo Beach

international korea america hawaii beach wedding

Dear Coco and Jacqueline, We couldn’t have imagined what a perfect location Waimanalo beach would be. It will definitely remain in our memory as the most picturesque beach in the world for us! But back to our wedding! Our wedding was delightfully simple to plan and stress free in leaving it up to you two!…

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Aloha from France

Aloha Wedding

We would like to say one more time Thank You very much for the beautiful and wonderful moment with Sweet Hawaii Wedding.  Our beach wedding in Hawaii was a dream come true for my wife and me.  Reverend Coco you were so easy and helpful with planning our ceremony with you.  We can all the…

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Brandy and Nick – Barefoot Beach Wedding

Hawaii Beach Wedding Barefoot

Our wedding day was amazing! Sweet Hawaii Planned everything to perfection. The beautician was there 4 hours before my wedding and was so talented! The only thing we had to do was to get in the luxury limo and relax. We were greeted at the wedding site by Sweet Hawaii staff who treated us like…

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