Lanikai Beach Wedding - Oahu

Lanikai Beach offers a Stunning Hawaii Wedding Location

Your Hawaii Wedding on Lanikai beach offers you a stunning Hawaiian wedding location 40 minutes out of Waikiki. This beach is ideal if you are planning a simple wedding ceremony for just the two of you. Couples love the two islands that are a part of your backdrop at Lanikai beach.

Lanikai means “Heavenly Beach” in Hawaiian and you certainly do feel that a part of heaven has dropped from the sky when you visit Lanikai beach. The beach has very gentle waves and extremely soft, pure white sand. Since the beach is very narrow and has houses right next to the beach we cannot provide you with chairs or Arches at this beach. We can, however, create at Lanikai a flower pathway, circle, heart or a few tiki torches.

A few cautions about Lanikai as a wedding location: This is not a good beach if you have more than 4 guests as parking is a real issue here and they also do not allow Limousines to enter this neighborhood. The beach is very narrow at high tide and the lack of restrooms can be an inconvenience. Lanikai can be very crowed because there are several canoe clubs that use this beach regularly and many tourists seem to have discovered this beach as well. We urge our couples with interest in Lanikai to visit the site at the time of day they wish to do their ceremony so that they can determine for themselves if this location is perfect for them.

Go to our Wedding Planner (GET A QUOTE) and under ‘Choose Location’, check Lanikai.

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