Marriage Licenses in Hawaii are an incredibly easy part of your Hawaii wedding.

First step in getting your Hawaii Marriage License is to apply online and the State sends you a confirmation via email. Once you have arrived in Honolulu, you simply go to the Hawaii Health Dept. 1250 PunchBowl St. Honolulu, HI 96813 M-F 8am to 4 pm, show your photo ID,s and they will issue you a Hawaii Marriage license in a matter of minutes!

If you happen to only be here on the weekend or are getting married on Kauai, no problem. You can make a special appointment with one of the “after-hours/holiday” agents and go to their home office to have the license issued. (type “Marriage License Agents Hawaii” in your search engine for a list of agents) Once the Hawaii Marriage license is issued, it is good for 30 days and all you have to do then is give the document to the minister and he will file it for you immediately after your ceremony. Within a few weeks you will receive a notarized hard copy of your Hawaii Marriage Certificate in the mail.

A Hawaii Marriage license is legally recognized in all U.S. States and commonwealth nations. Some countries require extra documentation for a Hawaii Marriage License to be valid so be certain to check with your own government agencies for your precise needs. Most times it merely requires an extra visit to the Hawaii Marriage License department after your wedding to file one extra document.

Should you need validation of your marriage sooner, it is also possible to download a temporary copy of your Hawaii Marriage Certificate from the State of Hawaii in a two business days should you need immediate documentation of your marriage. This information will be provided for you when the Hawaii Marriage License is issued.

Getting married has never been easier or more fun than here in Hawaii!

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