Hawaiian Wedding
We are so happy to write a testimonial for Sweet Hawaii Wedding.  We came all the way from Australia because our friends had gotten married in Hawaii with this wonderful company. When we saw the outstanding professional photography of our friends wedding we knew we wanted to celebrate our love with this company. I was a bit nervous because I am a big planner but James took the time to explain to me in detail all the answers to my many questions.   I must say the meeting is something everyone should experience!  Wait till you first meet Reverend Coco and Jacqueline in their rainforest shangrala.  It takes only 10 minutes to get to their oasis from busy Waikiki and you will have an experience you will always remember.  They met us on their bridge and walked us down to their home that sits in the middle of a beautiful tropical stream.  We could not stop taking pictures.  We sat outside on their porch which over hangs a 30 foot waterfall drinking wine and eating cheese cake and looking over wedding albums.  This meeting set the stage for our enchanting Hawaiian wedding day.  We started with their simple Hawaii wedding Package “Sweethearts in Paradise” for only $595.  We added a flower shower, a musician for an hour, a Hawaii  tropical bouquet, a two color flower pathway, limo, an extra 1/2 hour of photography at another location and a coconut cake.  All of this was under $2,000.  We were greeted at our limo by Jacqueline who presented me with my bouquet and a musician playing Hawaiian music!  Now this began our memory that will last our lifetime.  We arrived at Waimanalo Bay and it was almost completely ours!  Just imagine a beach that is miles and miles of white sand surrounded by a forest of gorgeous trees.  This to our grand surprise was our ceremony location!  The pathway was full of color and was designed with so much care and love.  The ceremony was so heartfelt and the photography is extremely high quality and unique!  We had so much fun with the photographer Dustin, he really made us feel at ease in front of the camera and we had a blast creating memories. Sweet Hawaii wedding is not a corporate business its a family business with kind people who have a love and passion for what they do.  WE could not be happier with our Hawaiian wedding Day!