barefoot beach wedding HawaiiTo say we are pleased is an understatement!  We are exstatic with happiness over our Hawaii beach wedding!

The set up was so beautiful with a 3 color pathway with a variety of flowers but it was thick and lush and a heart made from yellow and red hibiscus, we wanted simple but elegant and this is exactly what was provided for us by Sweet Hawaii Wedding!  Reverend Coco was so sweet to us and made all of our famliy and friends feel welcome and embraced by the Aloha Spirit.  This company really puts the Sweet into weddings! Our photography is exceptional and we were given the disc right on the beach.  We choose Sweet Hawaii Wedding because of the gorgeous photos on their website and we are more than pleased with ours.

The meeting at their magical home in the stream with its own Waterfall was like entering a fantastic dream world.  Our daughter refers to the meeting as going to the tree house in the woods.

The wedding far exceeded my expectations for my Hawaii wedding day!