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Our Vow Renewal in Hawaii was a dream come true experience and vacation! My husband and I began dreaming of having a vow renewal in Hawaii and we told our children of our dream. It became a dream we all shared and everyone was excited and had ideas for how they wanted out Vow Renewal. My youngest Emily 6 wanted to be the flower girl, our two sons Traverse and Brandon 17 & 16 both wanted to give me away to their dad. Ted envisioned a beach that was pretty secluded and Waiamanalo Bay was the location we choose together. Our entire family made contributions of ideas and helped choose the vow renewal company, the airlines, the hotel and also our tour company. For over 6 months our vow renewal in Hawaii was the main topic we spoke about at dinner time. You can imagine the excitement when we showed up at the beach to see our dream take form. Waimanalo Bay was even better in person. We had the beach almost to ourselves! Coco, Jacqueline and Dustin all greeted us and we felt their Aloha Spirit embrace us in true Hawaiian flavor. The vow renewal was more than I expected. We had ordered the Sacred Hawaiian Wedding and the set up was filled with beauty beyond our wildest dreams. There were Tiki torches with wild red flaming flowers and a big heart of flowers made from hibiscus as a gift from Sweet Hawaii Wedding. Coco is Sweet Hawaii Wedding’s Hawaiian minister and he is known as Kahu Coco. He is strong, kind and reverent, the perfect person to perform our vow renewal. Dustin was the most amazing photographer. He was fun and made us feel like we were all his best friends right from the start. He let us share ideas with him and we are a lively group. Brandon is our reserved one yet Dustin took time to focus on him creating a bond and to this day Brandon talks about Dustin like his good friend. Jacqueline had my bouquet and all the leis for all of us, she also had loose flowers for Emily to toss onto the sand and flower petals for the children to shower us with. She had every detail organized perfectly. To say our dream came true is an understatement. Our Hawaii vow renewal was the BEST money ever spent. We now have our dreams recorded in photographs and we will relive this day the rest of our life and our children will always have this memory too! We feel grateful there are people like Sweet Hawaii Wedding to make dreams come true. My sister saw our pictures and decided to book a Hawaii vow renewal for her family too. We highly recommend our friends in Hawaii “Sweet Hawaii Wedding”.