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Waialae Beach Wedding - Oahu

Waialae Beach Wedding Couple and Minister

Hawaiian Beach Wedding at Waialae

Your Hawaii Wedding on Waialae Beach will offer you a Hawaiian wedding location just 10 minutes out of Waikiki.

Our Waialae beach weddings offer you photo opts with the enchanted island behind you and lovely palm trees.

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    This Hawaii wedding location is best if it is just the two of you or under 8 guests.

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    The beach at Waialae is shallow and rocky, yet this beach is full of scenery right out of a Hawaiian vacation magazine!

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    The famous and exclusive Kahala Resort sits right off to the side of our Hawaiian wedding location.

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    You can dine at the Kahala Resorts Plumeria restaurant just before or after your beach wedding at Waialae.

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    This lovely restaurant sits right on the water.

Go to our Wedding Planner (GET A QUOTE) and under ‘Choose Location’, check Waialae.

Waialae Beach Photo Gallery

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